Coquille River Fall King's

Coquille River; Bandon, Oregon –
The fishing for a couple evenings this last week was worth writing home about. Above Rocky Point, the Round House Hole was kicking out limits of Fall Chinook’s Saturday evening. It was a good ways into the out going tide when the salmon became aggressive.  Multiple fish on, a few time for those Sports Fans that were there for the event. Sunday was slow fishing for almost all angler’s. The exception was a pair of boats that got too the Round House Hole before anyone else and it paid off for them dearly.  With limits for Gladys each boat full of local angler’s. People have been reporting the same thing we experienced Sunday in my boat. Soft biter’s; The salmon would lightly give the bait a taste and toss it away faster than you could mention you were getting action on your pole. This was as frustrating as it gets. We had 9 bites and not a single fish got hooked for more than four seconds. The rivers are lower than I have seen any of them in my 44 years of fishing.

Rogue River, Rogue Bay; Gold Beach, Oregon –
Well after a solid four years of rotten salmon fishing in the Summer and Fall here in Gold Beach. We just might be the best show in the state this year. All conversations i have listened with curiosity when it comes to the Rogue Bay this season. I have been waiting for the bad news of, It is over, but it was great while it lasted. However Curtis, Niecko & Lucasthose words haven’t been spoken yet. To be quite blunt about this last weeks fishing at the mouth of the river. It is the best week of the season probably. heard many happy anglers tell of 3 or 4 fish days.I am speaking of not just the best guides, but of anyone who puts a little effort into this awesome recreation. With a minimal amount of rain coming this week. It could pull the fish out of the bay and into the main river system. Time will let us know that fate.

Coos River; Coos Bay, Oregon –
It was a mad house on the Coos River this last weekend. It was their annual derby. The proceeds go back into the fish we enjoy in the Northwest. Salmon and Steelhead enhancement along with education programs for children. That is why this draws such a large participation for the derby. Now I Haven’t got any results from that, but it should of been a good showing of King Salmon.DAVE & CORTNEY PITTS (640x480) Earlier last week most the people who tried to catch a fish or two succeeded. While others did even better than that. It has been a incoming tide that the salmon are moving on. Chandler Bridge up to the forks in the river was the Hot Spot for the week. A lot of Chinooks have been holding at the fork in the river. Which is also known as the Sturgeon Hole. with rains coming middle of this week. I would expect those fish to bolt up the Millacoma River. we should still have another month of fishing on this river.

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Coastal Steelhead?

South Fork of the Coquille River should be boiling with large schools of fresh Winter Steelhead this weekend. After all the congested pockets of fish do to extreme low water conditions earlier this season. The big storm has put enough water in the river’s to open up so the fish can run freely up stream and I am sure some of them are racing to find their destination.
Before the S. Fork Coquille blew out and became so big and muddy the bank anglers couldn’t even fish it. The Drift Boats were hooking as many as 30 Winter Heads a day. That is the days we dream about and cherish when they happen. It will be interesting to see just how good the last week in February is going to be. I bet it will be one to remember.
I still have dates open for the Steelhead Season. March on the North Umpqua River is one of the best trips in the west Coast. Curtis 541-670-9451