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Coastal Steelhead?

South Fork of the Coquille River should be boiling with large schools of fresh Winter Steelhead this weekend. After all the congested pockets of fish do to extreme low water conditions earlier this season. The big storm has put enough water in the river’s to open up so the fish can run freely up stream and I am sure some of them are racing to find their destination.
Before the S. Fork Coquille blew out and became so big and muddy the bank anglers couldn’t even fish it. The Drift Boats were hooking as many as 30 Winter Heads a day. That is the days we dream about and cherish when they happen. It will be interesting to see just how good the last week in February is going to be. I bet it will be one to remember.
I still have dates open for the Steelhead Season. March on the North Umpqua River is one of the best trips in the west Coast. Curtis 541-670-9451